SCANGB. Save Cuffley and Northaw Green Belt. Parish Council. Northaw and Cuffley Residents Association. NCRAGB. NCRA. Northaw. Cuffley.

We need funding & would kindly ask that if you can afford, please support us by giving a donation no matter how small.

If you can help with a financial donation please email or speak to us at one of the upcoming meetings.

This campaign will run for the foreseeable future as there will be further threats following closely behind the current Metropolis proposals.

  1. Northaw & Cuffley Residents Association

  2. Northaw & Cuffley Parish Council

  3. Northaw Village Hall

  4. Web hosting kindly donated by Psychotherapeutic Counseling and Hypnotherapy

  5. GK Studios:  Wedding, Event and Studio photography

  6. Cuffley Hall

  7. Northaw Action Group

  8. London Green Belt Council

  9. CPRE Herts


It goes without saying that a group like ours needs some friends. Without the team behind SCANGB the campaign would not have reached the levels of success we have enjoyed.  Equally friends of SCANGB have stepped up and shown support at the critical times needed.

  1. We are supported financially by the Parish Council and by donations from local businesses, local residents and organisations.

  2. Web hosting kindly donated by David Lambert - Psychotherapeutic Counseling and Hypnotherapy.

  3. Northaw Village Hall & Cuffley Hall have supported us by allowing the use of there premises for public meetings.

  4. The Northaw & Cuffley Residents Association have supported us with there help and involvement from the outset as have the Parish Council.

  5. Last but not least - Thanks go to you, the residents, of our community because without your collective support and involvement we would not be here today.